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Who is FieldPB ?

FieldPB is an Emboscada Paintball brand that specializes in paintball products for paintball, mostly for the rental area.

How do I contact FieldPB ?

Our commercial area is divided by areas/regions, please select the one most suitable for you in the following page, click on the email address and drop us a few lines.

Where can I buy FieldPB products in my country ?

Visit our Distributors page, then select the one closest to you.

If one does not exist or different, visit our contacts page and contact the one most suitable.

Do you deliver Internationally?

Yes, we ship with DHL, UPS, Dachser, TNT and others, we deliver worldwide.

Why do I get redirected to Emboscada web-shop when I try to purchase FieldPB products at this site?

FieldPB is an Emboscada Paintball brand, like so, our web-shop sells all FieldPB products as well as other paintball industry leading brands as well as other areas of outdoor/indoor activities.